WP Staging Pro – Create Clones, Backup and Migrate of Your WordPress Website

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Tired of risking your live site with every update or experiment? WP Staging Pro empowers you to create a perfect clone of your WordPress site in just one click, allowing you to test changes, troubleshoot issues, and deploy updates with complete confidence. Say goodbye to fear and hello to fearless updates!


  • One-Click Staging Site Creation: Effortlessly clone your entire WordPress site, including themes, plugins, content, and database, in a matter of seconds. No more manual setup or complex configurations!
  • Independent Testing Playground: Experiment with new plugins, themes, code tweaks, or design changes without risking your live site. Break things, fix things, and perfect things in a safe sandbox.
  • Seamless Push to Live: Once you’re satisfied with your changes, push them to your live site with a single click, ensuring a smooth and risk-free deployment.
  • Multiple Staging Sites: Create multiple staging environments for different purposes, such as testing new features, collaborating with team members, or training new users.
  • Fast Cloning Process: WP Staging Pro is renowned for its lightning-fast cloning speeds, even for large websites. Get your staging site up and running in no time.
  • Exclude Specific Data: Choose which files and folders to exclude from the staging process, saving space and streamlining your workflow.
  • User Roles Authentication: Secure your staging sites with user role-based authentication, ensuring only authorized users have access.
  • Backup and Migration: Use WP Staging Pro to create backups of your site or migrate it to a new server with ease.
  • Developer-Friendly: Customize and extend WP Staging Pro’s functionality with custom code and hooks, tailoring it to your unique needs and development workflows.
  • Reliable Support & Documentation: Access extensive documentation, tutorials, and responsive support to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth staging experience.

In the world of WordPress, updates and changes are inevitable. But the fear of breaking your live site can often hold you back from innovation and growth. WP Staging Pro steps in to break down those barriers and unleash your fearless creativity.

Imagine creating a perfect replica of your website in a single click, giving you a safe haven to experiment, test, and refine without consequences. Picture confidently trying out new plugins, themes, or code snippets without risking downtime or data loss.

WP Staging Pro makes it all possible – and more.

With WP Staging Pro, you can:

  • Test updates and changes worry-free
  • Troubleshoot issues in a controlled environment
  • Collaborate with team members on changes
  • Train new users without risking the live site
  • Create backups and migrate your site with ease
  • Customize and extend functionality for unique workflows
  • Access comprehensive support and documentation

Whether you’re a solopreneur managing a small website or a developer working on complex projects, WP Staging Pro is your essential tool for stress-free updates and confident experimentation.

So, are you ready to unleash your fearless updates and embrace a world of WordPress experimentation without boundaries? Embrace the power of WP Staging Pro and transform your update process from nerve-wracking to exhilarating. Build, test, and deploy with confidence, knowing that your live site is always safe and sound.


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