Polylang Pro: Effortless Multilingual WordPress, from Pages to SEO

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Break down language barriers and reach a global audience! Polylang Pro is the ultimate toolkit for creating a stunning multilingual WordPress site – translate posts, pages, menus, SEO, and more – all with unmatched ease and power.


  • Unlimited Languages: Create a website in as many languages as you desire, without performance or complexity limitations.
  • Seamless Content Translation: Translate posts, pages, custom post types, media, categories, tags, menus, widgets, and even URLs for a truly comprehensive experience.
  • SEO for the Global Stage: Optimize your multilingual content for search engines with automatic hreflang tags, open graph tags, and complete control over translated slugs and meta descriptions.
  • Visual Language Switcher: Display a user-friendly language switcher anywhere on your site, allowing visitors to seamlessly choose their preferred language.
  • Powerful User Management: Assign specific languages to individual users or user roles for a personalized experience.
  • Translation Management: Translate content yourself, collaborate with professional translators, or leverage machine translation tools – the choice is yours.
  • Customizable Language Detection: Automatically detect visitors’ languages or allow them to choose manually for optimal engagement.
  • Theme & Plugin Compatibility: Works seamlessly with your existing WordPress theme and plugins, minimizing compatibility issues.
  • Mobile-Responsive & Accessibility: Optimized for perfect multilingual experiences on all devices and for all users.
  • Extensive Documentation & Support: Get access to comprehensive documentation and dedicated support to ensure a smooth multilingual journey.


Dreaming of expanding your reach beyond borders and connecting with audiences worldwide? Stop battling complex code and translation headaches! Polylang Pro is the one-stop solution for transforming your WordPress site into a powerful multilingual masterpiece.

With Polylang Pro, translating your content is as simple as editing a post. Go beyond just pages and posts – translate menus, widgets, URLs, media, and even custom elements, providing a truly immersive and localized experience for every visitor. And speaking of immersion, Polylang Pro doesn’t just translate words, it optimizes your multilingual content for global search engines with automatic SEO features, ensuring your website shines on the world stage.

But Polylang Pro is more than just translations. It empowers you to manage your multilingual site with intuitive ease. Use the visual language switcher to give visitors effortless control over their preferred language, assign specific languages to individual users, and leverage professional translation tools or manual collaboration to ensure your content is always on point.

Worried about compatibility? Forget it! Polylang Pro works seamlessly with your existing WordPress theme and plugins, eliminating technical hiccups and letting you focus on what matters – building a global online presence. And because accessibility is key, Polylang Pro ensures your multilingual site is mobile-responsive and optimized for all users, regardless of their device or abilities.

Don’t let language barriers limit your website’s potential. Embrace the power of Polylang Pro and watch your audience, engagement, and success soar across borders. With its unmatched ease, comprehensive features, and unwavering commitment to global communication, Polylang Pro is the key to unlocking the world for your WordPress site.


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