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Unleash the power of multi-vendor marketplaces with Motta, a WordPress theme built for success. Offering seamless integration with Dokan and WCFM plugins, Elementor compatibility, and stunning mobile responsiveness, Motta empowers you to build and manage thriving online stores like Amazon and Etsy.


  • Multi-Vendor Ready: Dokan and WCFM integration allows vendors to manage their stores and sell products, fostering a vibrant marketplace.
  • Elementor Builder: Design beautiful and functional pages with ease using the drag-and-drop interface of Elementor.
  • Mobile-First Design: Enjoy flawless user experience across devices with Motta’s fully responsive design.
  • High Performance: Experience blazing-fast loading times for optimal SEO and user engagement.
  • Customizable Design: Take full control with Motta’s intuitive theme options panel and personalize your store without coding.
  • Free Lifetime Updates: Stay ahead of the curve with constant updates and new features for your Motta theme.
  • First-Class Support: Our dedicated team is always available to assist you with any questions or needs.

Motta is more than just a WordPress theme; it’s your gateway to creating a thriving online marketplace. Whether you envision a vast Amazon-like platform or a curated Etsy-inspired shop, Motta empowers you to build it with ease and flexibility.

Seamless Multi-Vendor Integration:

Ditch the complexities of managing vendors manually. Motta’s seamless integration with Dokan and WCFM Marketplace plugins empowers vendors to register, manage their stores, and sell products on your platform. This fosters a vibrant community and generates additional revenue through vendor commissions.

Unlock Your Creativity with Elementor:

Motta embraces the power of Elementor, a popular page builder with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Design stunning product pages, custom layouts, landing pages, and more – all without touching a single line of code.

Mobile-First Approach:

In today’s mobile-centric world, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices is crucial. Motta’s fully responsive design adapts beautifully to any screen size, from desktops to smartphones, guaranteeing a flawless experience for all your visitors.

High-Performance Engine:

Motta prioritizes speed and performance. Enjoy lightning-fast loading times that keep your visitors engaged and boost your website’s search engine ranking.

Total Design Control:

Motta empowers you to personalize every aspect of your store. With the intuitive theme options panel, you can customize colors, fonts, layouts, and more – all without the need for coding expertise.

Constant Evolution:

Stay ahead of the curve with Motta’s free lifetime updates. We continuously enhance the theme with new features and bug fixes, ensuring you always have access to the latest tools for success.

Unwavering Support:

Our dedicated support team is always just a message away. Whether you have a question or need assistance with setup, we are here to help you achieve your marketplace goals.

Motta is the ideal solution for:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who dream of launching their own online marketplace.
  • Existing businesses seeking to expand their online reach and sales.
  • Anyone who wants to create a beautiful, user-friendly, and high-performing online store.

Start building your marketplace empire today with Motta!


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