Masterstudy LMS: Build & Manage Your Online Learning Empire with WordPress

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Unleash the power of eLearning! Masterstudy transforms your WordPress site into a robust Learning Management System (LMS) – create courses, manage students, deliver content, and track progress – all in one powerful plugin.


  • All-in-One LMS Solution: Build & manage online courses, quizzes, assignments, certificates, student profiles, payments, and more – all under one roof.
  • Drag & Drop Course Builder: Easily create engaging learning experiences with a user-friendly visual interface.
  • Unlimited Courses & Content: Design any type of course – video lectures, quizzes, PDFs, slideshows, interactive activities – the possibilities are endless.
  • Advanced Quiz Builder: Craft engaging quizzes with various question types, score tracking, and branching logic.
  • Powerful Grading & Analytics: Track student progress, analyze performance, and gain valuable insights for course improvement.
  • Monetize Your Knowledge: Sell your courses directly or offer subscriptions, memberships, and bundles.
  • Content Dripping & Scheduling: Release course content gradually to keep students engaged.
  • Comprehensive User Management: Manage instructor and student roles, permissions, and profiles.
  • Community & Social Features: Build a thriving learning community with forums, student-to-student interaction, and gamification elements.
  • Mobile-Responsive: Deliver flawless learning experiences on all devices.
  • SCORM & BuddyPress Integration: Connect with popular eLearning standards and community plugins for greater functionality.

Dream of crafting online courses, sharing your knowledge, and building a thriving learning community? Look no further than Masterstudy LMS! This all-in-one WordPress plugin empowers you to transform your website into a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) without the need for complex coding or expensive platforms.

Masterstudy lets you create and manage every aspect of your online learning platform with ease. Design engaging courses using the intuitive drag-and-drop builder, incorporate diverse content formats, challenge students with interactive quizzes, and track their progress with detailed analytics. Whether you’re an educator, trainer, coach, or subject matter expert, Masterstudy gives you the tools to build the perfect learning environment for your audience.

Monetize your expertise effortlessly with built-in payment gateways and flexible pricing options. Offer individual courses, create bundled learning packages, or introduce subscriptions and memberships to generate recurring revenue. Masterstudy caters to all your business needs, helping you turn your passion for learning into a real-world success story.

But Masterstudy doesn’t stop at content delivery. It fosters a vibrant learning community through social features and gamification elements. Encourage student interaction with forums, discussions, and peer-to-peer feedback. Motivate them with progress badges, points, and leaderboards, creating a dynamic and engaging learning atmosphere.

With its mobile-responsive design and SCORM compliance, Masterstudy ensures your courses are accessible and compatible across all devices and platforms. Plus, seamless integration with BuddyPress empowers you to build a dedicated online community where learners can connect, collaborate, and share their experiences.

Forget technical hurdles and expensive software, Masterstudy unlocks the potential of online learning within your WordPress website. Take control of your knowledge, build your learning empire, and empower others with the gift of education – all with the power of this groundbreaking plugin.


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