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eady to transform your email marketing from ordinary to extraordinary? Mailster empowers you to create beautiful newsletters, manage subscribers, and track results directly within your WordPress website. Ditch the expensive third-party platforms and embrace true email freedom with Mailster!


  • Create Stunning Emails Visually: Design eye-catching newsletters without any coding, using Mailster’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor and professionally-designed templates.
  • Manage Subscribers with Ease: Build a robust subscriber list, segment it into targeted groups, and automate seamless subscription processes.
  • Deliver Emails Reliably: Ensure your emails reach inboxes with Mailster’s built-in email deliverability features, including bounce handling, spam testing, and reputation monitoring.
  • Automate Your Email Marketing: Create drip campaigns, trigger emails based on user actions, and send personalized content to nurture relationships and boost engagement.
  • Track Performance Like a Pro: Get detailed insights into email open rates, click-throughs, and subscriber engagement with Mailster’s comprehensive analytics and reporting.
  • Integrate Seamlessly with WordPress: Connect Mailster with your favorite WordPress plugins and themes, building a cohesive email marketing ecosystem within your site.
  • Developer-Friendly: Extend Mailster’s functionality with custom code and hooks, tailoring it to your unique needs and marketing strategies.
  • Reliable Support & Documentation: Access extensive documentation, tutorials, and responsive support, ensuring a smooth email marketing journey with Mailster.

In a world overrun with digital noise, email stands as a direct line to your audience’s hearts and minds. But managing email marketing often means juggling third-party platforms, complex workflows, and a scattered approach. Mailster steps in to simplify, empower, and streamline your email marketing journey within the comfort of your WordPress home.

Imagine crafting visually stunning newsletters that captivate attention and drive action, without touching a single line of code. Picture managing your subscriber list with ease, segmenting audiences for targeted messages, and automating email sequences that nurture relationships and build loyalty.

Mailster makes it all possible – and more.

With Mailster, you can:

  • Design professional-looking emails without coding
  • Manage subscribers effortlessly
  • Improve email deliverability and reputation
  • Automate email campaigns and workflows
  • Personalize emails for maximum impact
  • Track email performance with detailed analytics
  • Integrate with popular WordPress plugins and themes
  • Customize and extend functionality with custom code
  • Access comprehensive support and documentation

Whether you’re nurturing a budding community or driving sales for a thriving business, Mailster is your trusted partner in email marketing success. It empowers you to create meaningful connections, deliver valuable content, and achieve your business goals – all directly within your WordPress dashboard.

So, are you ready to take control of your email marketing and unlock the power of direct communication? Embrace Mailster’s seamless integration, intuitive features, and robust capabilities, and watch your email campaigns soar to new heights. Nurture relationships, boost engagement, and drive growth – all on your own terms, within the WordPress platform you know and love.


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